Special Message From One Of My Music Followers

I really thank God for how He keeps on using me through my Music to touch many people’s lives.l keep receiving a lot of feedback from people who follow my Music telling me how my Music touches their lives in so many ways.

Oftentimes, we do what we love to do as individuals whether it’s a business,a job, a skill or talent without realizing how much impact or influence we cause in other people’s lives as a result.
Recently, l received one message which really touched my heart in such a special way that l couldn’t resist but share it.Below is the message and l hope it blesses your heart too as you read it.

“You know if you ever feel like giving up or tired , always switch your mind to the souls that are been saved through your music , they may not be a billion souls but just knowing that one out of the billion will be saved is worth it. God is being so awesome and showing himself in my life everyday and you know what if you had not been doing God’s work through music I wouldn’t be here . You made yourself available to God and here Iam saved and just enjoying his grace. I never listened to hiphop music but God used it to reconcile me back to him and its because you were there to obey God first. Its not just music its HOLY GHOST filled music . God bless you” From: Jacqueline