Answering The Question, “What If…,? “

A few years back,one of my workmates,a lady to be precise,approached me in private and said, “I have been married to my husband for more than two years now.The truth is I really love him so much and I know he loves me too.But the strange and scary thing is that sometimes when I am alone,I begin to think and ask myself questions like,”what if someone were to take him away from me, what would I really do?”She went on to tell me how much she had become so attached to her husband to an extent where she felt so vulnerable and insecure for having loved and trusted him that much. This feeling of being too attached to him had now developed a sense of fear and insecurity to a point where she was now questioning herself with the “What if..,? ” kind of question.

The moment I heard the last sentence she said,I thought to myself, “Some people can have relationships with people they truly love the most and yet still remain insecure.”And this is when it dawned in me and then I said to her,”Imagine being in a relationship with someone who will never disappoint you,leave you or make you insecure at any given time. I mean someone you don’t ever have to wake up one day thinking or saying words like, ‘What would I do if someone takes him away from me?’,or “What if something happened to him that would end up breaking us apart?” Someone you can totally trust with your whole life knowing he won’t destroy it but nicely build it.Someone who would still be there for you even if the whole world were to be against you.Someone who would love you no matter who you are,how you look like,where you come from,what you do or what you did in the past.Someone who does not care about your history but is willing to love and accept who you are, forgive you completely and give you another chance no matter what you did.l mean someone who will never leave you or disappoint you come rain,come sunshine,he will still stand by your side.”And then finally, while looking straight in her beautiful brown eyes,I said,”That Man I just told you about is Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today and forever.”When she heard everything I had just said, she consciously gazed at me even more and genuinely smiled with a facial expression of gratitude and relief and said,”I think you have really answered my question and I now know and understand how to go about this. Thank you so much.”And am glad she did because once you understand that when you have Jesus in your life, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about, for with Him your life is safe, secure and sound.He’s got you covered and everything well taken care of, only believe and trust Him.

Never Give Up

Whenever you feel like giving up on anything or anyone, remind yourself of how far you have come and ask yourself if you are willing to turn around and do it all over again.This is the reason why no matter what happens along your way to success, keep going, don’t stop and never give up on yourself.Encourage yourself if you have to.You are responsible for your own success.

Suicide And Self-Destruction

SUICIDE and SELF DESTRUCTION are a word and a phrase commonly confused by many. We live in a world where more people everyday self destruct either knowingly or unknowingly than those who commit suicide.
This is one of the reasons why the Gospel is important and must be preached everywhere and to everyone by any means necessary.Most people in the world have been blinded by the evil one so that they do not see the reality of what the TRUTH really is.The Gospel is able to open their eyes thereby leading them unto Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Suicide And Self-Destruction